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8 Ways to Cut Down the Cost of an Interstate Move

Moving from one place to another can be a traumatic experience. In fact, moving puts a lot of stress on everybody, from adults in charge of the move to kids and pets caught in the cross-fire. Moving is inevitable in some cases though, and for many people and families, a new location is a step up in the world.

An interstate move can be especially complex though, and for many people, the costs can be very high. Whether you’re moving for work, to be close to family or just for a change of scenery, you don’t want to spend more than you need to in the process.

Use these eight ways to cut down on the cost of an interstate move when it’s time to relocate.

1. Pack on Your Own

Hiring people to help you pack when you’re in a hurry, but it will also cost you a lot of money. Plan to start packing a few weeks ahead of your move and do it on your own to save some serious cash.

2. Don’t Buy Boxes

Moving boxes can cost a few dollars each, and for a big move, you could easily spend hundreds. Look for free boxes online or ask neighborhood stores for sturdy ones that they’re going to throw away anyway.

Only pay for necessary boxes that are hard to find for free, like wardrobe boxes.

3. Check Moving Company Prices

Moving on your own is generally the most cost-effective option, but checking prices with moving companies can’t hurt. Depending on your move distance, time of year and belongings, hiring somebody could be a cheaper option in certain cases.

4. Rent a Truck Early

Moving by yourself is cost-effective, but not if you don’t reserve a truck early. Rent your truck at least 30 days ahead of time to save money, especially during the times of year when people move the most, like the spring and summer to lock in the lowest rates.

5. Get Friends to Help

Hiring people to help you can be costly. If you can, consider enlisting some friends to help you load and unload your truck. You might have to help them move when it’s their turn, but it’s often the best bet for your budget.

6. Sell What You Don’t Need

The more you take with you, the more you have to pack and load on a truck You’ll have to unload it on the other end too. Sell what you don’t need by hosting a yard sale to lighten the load and help pay for the move.

7. Buy on the Other End

Large pieces with little value don’t always make sense to move. If you can, consider buying on the other end and selling what you have at home. Giving some items away to companies like Goodwill can provide a tax write-off as well.

8. Move Over the Weekend

Being smart about your move and how you can help you save money. Moving over the weekend when you’re not supposed to be at work can help you avoid taking time off too though.

Try to move when you’ve got time off anyway to save the maximum amount of money.

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